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Thane is Organizing Property Exhibition from 16th to 19th January 2015

Looking for Property in Thane. Want to buy Home in Thane Visit Property Exhibition in Thane. You will get variety of Property under one roof. You will get to see all Thane Property. Had a look at all properties at our Property Exhibition in Thane, Mumbai. Our Property Exhibition in Thane Mumbai will be held from 16th to 19th January 2015. You can see all Thane Property at our Thane Exhibition and decide to buy which one. Know about Various Properties in your budget at our Property Exhibitions in Thane Mumbai.

Property Exhibitions in Thane, Mumbai help you in selection of Property from Variety of Properties. This Property Exhibitions in Thane Mumbai helps us to know more about Property available in Various Places in Thane and Mumbai. Thane Exhibition help us to know about Properties and Builders around Thane. Property exhibitions in thane, Mumbai serve a valid purpose - in the first place, they give developers the opportunity to display and create awareness about their projects. Property Exhibitions in Mumbai, Thane also have banks and finance institutes for visitors so that they can ask quarries about home loans and all.

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MCHI-THANE had clearly conceptualized at the outset that the 11th Real Estate & HFC Expo 2011 would embrace 360° Real Estate Solutions. Meaning Residential/IT/ITES/Retail/Logistics & Commercial and that it would be strictly for Real Estate & Housing Finance Companies.


However, the real break-away concept was the decision that the time had now come "To sell Thane City" as a place to live, work and enjoy. Thane started out as an Industrial City in the 1960's and has gradually "Evolved" from 'brick-and-mortar' to large residential townships, with their own shopping/recreation /schools & hospital facilities.


However, if Thane is to avoid the danger of becoming a "Dormitory City", brick-andmortar industries capable of employing 100's must not only give way to Residential Townships, but inevitably give way to IT/ITES/Retail/Logistics/Commercial etc. capable of employing 1000's.


This is the shift which is visibly happening and was captured by MCHI-THANE in the overarching Theme "EVOLVING THANE" encapsulating the vision of a "Futuristic Thane City"


Once the concept of "Selling the City" as a logical, tactical and even morally correct view of improving employment was in place, it became immediately apparent that the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC), The Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (MMRDA) and the State Police would all have a role to play.


As creators of infrastructure and contributors to Thane City's rapid development and progress, the effort would be for MCHI-THANE to have a PPP (Public-Private Partnership).


The moment this was conceded, the achievements of these Public bodies/departments would have to be showcased at the Exhibition and from this sprang the concept of a "THANE GALLERY" at the very entrance of the Exhibition, through which every Visitor would have to pass.


Equally linked to the concept of "Selling the City" was the decision to create an ambitious 24' x 12' Model of Thane City which would occupy pride-of-place bang in the middle of the THANE GALLERY and which is now set to be permanently housed at the Thane Municipal Corporation.


To Completion 
Sprawling over a 6 acres, courtesy the Siddhi Group, at Highland Gardens at Dhokali the 11th Real Estate and HFC Expo 2011 got off to a great start on 29th April 2011 with the enthusiastic participation of over 100 Exhibitors & Sponsors.


The Expo was a true fiesta for Home and Commercial buyers looking to buy, lease or invest across categories - residential, luxury homes and villas, commercial office spaces, IT parks, logistics parks, non- polluting industries and retail/ high street destinations. Prominent & leading Mumbai developers like Hiranandani, Rustomjee, Kalpataru and a host of others displayed their properties across Thane and its peripheral areas.


Half a dozen leading HFI's & Banks participated offering the best and most lucrative Home Loan deals, with Indiabulls Home Loans heading the pack as Co-organizers, Thane Janata Sahakari Bank and HDFC as Platinum Sponsors, State Bank of India as Diamond Sponsors and ICICI Bank Home Loans as Gold Sponsors.


With a total footfall of 45000 and positive feedback from Exhibitors, Sponsors and Visitors everyone agreed that the whole show was slick and had a touch of class.


When the Exhibition wound down on 2nd May 2011 after a dazzling Awards Ceremony capped by a sizzling spell on the Drums by the master percussionist Sivamani- one thing was clear - it was a great success!


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