10 tips to ease your property purchase process

June 2018


Here are some cues to ease your property purchase process:

Buying a property is a huge investment for everyone. It also involves some kind of risk which is often calculated. Nevertheless, investment in a residential property is an alluring option for businessmen or salaried people. At the same time, while investing in a home, one must exercise some level of caution. Must keep in mind certain dos and don'ts. Some basic exercises which you need to conduct are:

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  • Verify the property rates.

  • Clarify with the builder about carpet area, maintenance charges, possession dates, additional charges, allotment of parking slots, etc.

  • Scrutinise documents like land records, builder-buyer agreement, legal permissions, etc.

  • Do a thorough recce of the location, access to essentials and upcoming infrastructure.

  • Scout for loan options.

  • Analyse the nuisance factor of the property by way of its proximity to party plots, hotels, clubs, traffic, railway crossing, etc.

  • Evaluate security measures like cameras, security guards, fire exits, etc.

  • Ensure access to fresh air and sunlight.

  • Ascertain presence of lift and ramps especially if you have senior citizens staying with you.

  • In case of second-hand purchases, check out the age of the building and engage professional services to vet the requirement of repairs and replacements.

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