MCHI-THANE had clearly conceptualized at the outset that the Real Estate Expo would embrace 360° Real Estate Solutions. Meaning Residential/IT/ITES/Retail/Logistics & Commercial and that it would be strictly for Real Estate & Housing Finance Companies.

However, the real break-away concept was the decision that the time had now come "To sell Thane City" as a place to live, work and enjoy. Thane started out as an Industrial City in the 1960's and has gradually "Evolved" from 'brick-and-mortar' to large residential townships, with their own shopping/recreation /schools & hospital facilities.

However, if Thane is to avoid the danger of becoming a "Dormitory City", brick-andmortar industries capable of employing 100's must not only give way to Residential Townships, but inevitably give way to IT/ITES/Retail/Logistics/Commercial etc. capable of employing 1000's.

This is the shift which is visibly happening and was captured by MCHI-THANE in the overarching Theme "EVOLVING THANE" encapsulating the vision of a "Futuristic Thane City"

Once the concept of "Selling the City" as a logical, tactical and even morally correct view of improving employment was in place, it became immediately apparent that the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC), The Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (MMRDA) and the State Police would all have a role to play.

As creators of infrastructure and contributors to Thane City's rapid development and progress, the effort would be for MCHI-THANE to have a PPP (Public-Private Partnership).