Tips For Office Designing To Improve Employee Productivity

September 2021


The businesses have evolved over the years and so have the amenities and perquisites offered by offices to their employees. Offices are no longer just about desks and chairs. They have to offer so much more to the employees in modern times. Now-a-days offices have to keep several things in mind from design to lighting so as to make employees satisfied and cheerful. Employers are realizing that they have do create environment for employees to work and even a chair or the colour of the carpet can impact the productivity and performance of the employees. In office where due care is given for designing and comfort of the employees, they contribute more for the success of the company, studies have shown. The attrition rate is lower in offices where there are proper ergonomics, convenience and privacy. The cost of acquiring new employees in such offices is lower since the existing set of employees feel happy and satisfied which means the attrition is lower.

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We take a look at some of the important aspects that impact the productivity and satisfaction of employees in the modern era:

1. Layout:

The layout of the office is crucial from the point of view of communication between employees. All care must be taken to give ample opportunity to employees to communicate with each other effectively as often as they like. Now a days, teams need to work together to achieve results more than ever before and they sometimes need a breakout spaces or bigger room like a conference room to communicate the team goal and discuss any problems that may be arising for a particular team member. The conference room has to be equipped with modern projectors and other tools for the communication among the team members to be effective.

Closed cubicles may not be suitable for all the employees as it may lead to isolation and efforts should be made to have more of open and collaborative spaces. In certain cases where the nature of work so demands, making closed and private cubicles should also be provided.

Modern offices have to lay emphasis on cognitive and physical aspects of the workforce. Ergonomics play a vital role in the productivity of employees and right kind of furniture have to be provided for efficiency and comfort of the employees otherwise they can have frequent backaches and pain, resulting in greater absenteeism. The corridors have to wide to allow easy movement of the employees. Congested or Stuffy offices will take the productivity of the employees down.

2. Lighting:

The righting kind and amount of lighting in office can reduce fatigue, increase efficiency and output, improve the cheerfulness and morale of the employees. It also ensures overall higher quality of work among the employees. Extreme care should be given to the lighting aspect as lighting also play a crucial role in supporting the moods of the employees. Lighting should be used in way that it lifts the mood and productivity of the employees but at the same time environment safeguards also have to be kept in mind. The right balance of heat and light has to be maintained, especially keeping the weather outside in mind. Efforts to reduce visual glare must also be made. The intensity of light, including sunlight, can be different in different parts or corners of the office depending on the nature of the work of specific sets of employees. A lot of light can also result in eye fatigue and other associated disorders so a healthy balance needs to be found out depending upon the location of the office.

3. Interiors:

The interiors have a major role to play in the productivity of the employees. While certain colour themes can enhance the mood of the employees, other can do the opposite. What colour of walls, furniture and carpet suits a particular organization depends on the weather conditions and nature of business, that is, the kind of work that employees are required do to. Thus, colour theme in an advertising company would defer to colour themes in an investment bank. By and large, blue and green are considered soothing and productive. There can be little indoor games for the employees and they can take short breaks from work and engage themselves in activities like games which reenergizes them and they can concentrate better at work after a quick break.

4. Privacy:

Workplaces need to be created in a way that they provide enough privacy to the employees when they require. People work much beyond normal working hours these days and need their own privacy at times to, lets say, answer a phone call from a friend or family, or for any other urgent requirement. In certain cases, customer data and confidentiality are important and the workplace for such employees need to designed in a way that ensures privacy.

5. Accessories:

A plain simple office with no accessories or object to beatify the place can be a drag for some employees, studies point out. Many employees feel more connected with an organization (employer) if their office space has some pictures, beautiful objects, statues and other accessories.

6. Plants:

Plants can bring energy into office space and have been successful in increasing productivity of the employees, according to various modern studies. Plants not only provide oxygen within the office set up, they also result in cheerfulness among employees and providing relaxation to the people around them.

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