Dos and don’ts for relocating a house

May 2019


Shifting from one home to another, can be a tedious process. We look at some simple ways in which home owners can make the relocation process stress-free

People often relocate to different locations, to pursue lucrative job opportunities. This is especially true of today’s millennials, who live in rental homes and shift within the same city or different cities. Hence, one has to ensure that the process of packing and moving, remains stress-free and smooth. Deepu Chandran, co-founder and CEO of Pikkol, a technology-centric relocation service provider, points out that renting and co-living trends are on the rise, with millennials moving into a new home every 11 or 12 months. “They have no qualms about moving into a new location or a new city, if they perceive certain advantages to their lifestyle or career. With the growth of the residential real estate sector, the options for property seekers in metropolitan and tier-2 cities, have increased exponentially, boosting mobility,” adds Chandran.

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How to plan for a relocation when living on rent

Priyanka Mullick, an account executive, who came to Mumbai from Kolkata with only a few bags, maintains that packing and moving requires planning, in advance. “When I started working in Mumbai, I shifted along with my roommate, without taking any professional help. Now, I have mastered the art of packing. One has to pack wisely. For example, I even use the pressure cooker, to keep things in it. Simply fill the insides of all spaces, with something smaller. Always use good quality boxes to carry stuff and ensure that each box is not very heavy. Also, if one lives on rent, it is better to collect as few things as possible, to reduce the load when shifting. I am now a cautious buyer and believe in de-cluttering and getting rid of things that are not required,” Mullick explains.

​The advantage of selecting a professional relocation service provider

Although there are many online platforms offering packers and movers’ services, a lion’s share of them are lead-sharing platforms or are based on the marketplace model, where the requirement is ultimately fulfilled by a local vendor. “An individual faces many issues when it comes to moving to a new city, starting from packing and moving, to unpacking and getting settled into the new home. Professional relocation service providers are, ideally, those who can be your ‘companion’, ensuring that when someone moves to a new city, they are not just packing and unpacking their household goods. Hence, there is an increasing demand, for relocation services globally,” says Aakanksha Bhargava, CEO PM Relocations Pvt Ltd (PMR).

How to choose a credible, professional mover and packer

The choice of a professional mover, should only be done after a thorough research. “The major deciding factor, when choosing a professional relocation company, should always be the quality of the service, instead of the cost alone,” adds Bhargava. Before finalising a mover, check the credibility of their service, by reading online reviews or talking to their previous customers.

“One can spot a good service provider, by gauging the level of detail they take for the inventory. If a detailed inventory is being collected, it could mean that they care about the safety of each and every item that needs to be moved. Their online presence should be independent and not through lead-sharing platforms or marketplaces. Ensure that they provide extra services like carpenters, plumbers and other technicians, to avoid a last-minute rush, to find vendors for the same. Ensure that the price quoted for the service is final and there will not be any additions, later. The availability of online payment as an option, rather than cash, could also be a sign of transparent and reliable operations. Essentials like insurance, after-service support and a reliable customer care system, are also indicators of a trustworthy packer and mover. With a professional packer, one does not have to worry about procuring packing materials. A professional service provider will also offer options, vis-à-vis dates for relocation, additional services that may be needed while moving and transparent pricing with convenient mode of booking, payments and billing, etc.,” states Chandran.

Supervise the packing

It is advisable to be present when your belongings are being packed, loaded and unloaded. “Supervise the packing team and do not let them pack things in your absence. This will help you to organise things at the destination and also check if something is missing. In case you are hiring a professional, they will carry out this activity but do keep a copy for yourself, as well,” adds Bhargava. Once all the stuff is packed, make sure you have minimal essentials and things to eat at both, the origin and destination. If one is moving a pet along, make sure that the pet is trained to stay in a crate. If you are relocating overseas, ensure that you have all immigration and other formalities in place.

Tips, to make relocation a smooth process

  • Pack things that are not needed every day, well in advance.
  • When packing, label the boxes clearly, room-wise, so you know its contents.
  • Pack the basic essentials that you need separately, like medicines, mobile chargers, mugs, plates, kettle, some snacks, a pair of clothes, etc.
  • Always carry valuables (like bank papers, documents such as Aadhaar card, birth certificates, credit cards, passports, jewellery, etc.) yourself.
  • Bubble wrap fragile things. You may need multiple layers of packing, to ensure safety from impact, moisture and static, in the case of appliances, especially for inter-city relocation.
  • On the day you shift into the new house, make a prior appointment with an electrician or carpenter, to fix your gadgets and furniture in the new house.

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