50+ Ways to Make a Bedroom Beautiful

August 2021


Find your dream bedroom scheme

Bedrooms are the ultimate escape from the hectic pace of daily life, a place where you can go to relax and recharge. These style ideas will help you create your ideal bedroom scheme, whether you’re looking for a serene sanctuary, a cozy country-style retreat or something bold and beautiful.

Home Decor Tips by CREDAI MCHI | 50+ Ways to Make a Bedroom Beautiful
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Jungle daze

Recreate that hot summer feeling all year round with a stylish twist on tropical. You don't have to choose zingy lime and bright magenta to create a jungle-inspired look. This gorgeous emerald green with palm-leaf printed blind and cushions set against a white-washed wooden headboard and bare walls, brings a calming exotic look without the need for color clashing.

Reclaimed materials

The key to this look is reclaimed wooden furniture. The bed, sideboard and wardrobe are all made with salvaged wood and really bring this look together. Combined with brick walls, exposed pipework, bare windows and industrial finishes the scheme is complete.

Cozy fireside

If you live in a Victorian property then you'll likely already be blessed with fireplaces in your upstairs bedrooms. If they've been boarded up, then reinstate them. Don't fancy a wood or coal burning fire? Then choose an electric model instead. There are so many ways to style a fireplace; it's all about creating a mood. Even the gentle flicker and glow from a (faux) fire will do just that.

French opulence

Wow! Wouldn't it be amazing to live in such an extravagant property with sky high-ceilings like this? Even if you don't have a huge bedroom you can still channel the look at home. Keep walls and ceilings a pristine white and add antique gold touches. Vintage lamps are great for this or decorative add plasterwork such as cornicing and a ceiling rose, and gild it up to the nines.

Mid-century modern

Teak furniture, lavish house plants and a cool color palette all bring a contemporary twist to mid-century style. Rich navy and ochre yellow bring a touch of warmth to the overall scheme that is light, airy and refreshing. Find vintage pieces, such as an old radio, to add an element of the past into the present.

All abstract

What fun this is to create! Grab yourself some bold emulsion paints, masking tape and a spirit level. Using a pencil and tape, mark your desired pattern on the wall. You can make it as striking as you like – go for one or two giant triangles, or connect several together. When you've settled on your design, paint in all the sections and revel in your handy work.

Rich curves

The colors in this autumnal palette are wonderfully enriching for the season. Deep corals, light peach and a gentle mushroom all come together perfectly, offset by the cool tones of pale wood. The headboard is a striking feature and is easily cut from MDF. Just draw wide, over-sized curves on to a sheet of wood and have your local hardware store cut it to shape for you.

Layer up

Plenty of cushions, throws and bedding is the focus of this scheme. Keep the room neutral with white walls, shuttered windows and soft gray carpet and add rich layers of color through the bedding. A warm mustard cushion sets off the look.

Mellow yellow

A neutral room with a bold bed makes a striking statement. Choose any color you like as the aim here is to offset a light backdrop by injecting a splash of color with the bedstead. It is fun and adds a cheerful glow to the room, especially if you go for a happy yellow shade.

Copper rush

This rich metal is not going anywhere fast and has definitely taken the top spot from chrome in the style stakes. Go for a copper bedstead and bring in other metal accessories in this rosy shade to unify the look. It goes beautifully with this gentle sea green shade, too.

Make it a mezzanine

A built-in platform area is another fantastic space-saving idea for a bedroom. It creates a designated sleeping zone on the higher level, allowing you to squeeze in extra storage underneath.

Back stroke

So simple and so effective, you can finish this in just a few hours. The effect is easily achieved by simply rolling halfway up the wall behind the bed, with a narrow roller, creating a rough line. As the design itself is quite dramatic, it is best to soften with a light shade, such as this pretty pink.

Oversized lighting

The large-scale lamp is the star in this scheme. No need for a bedside table, just one huge lamp as the feature. Don't worry about the light being too bold, you can pop in a dim bulb to ensure you maintain a gentle glow for bedtime. Need inspiration? See more lovely ways to light your home.

Classic florals

You heard it here, traditional schemes are not old-fashioned. All you need to do to ensure it stays modern is keep the bed, chest of drawers and bedside tables contemporary. Choose a large upholstered sleigh bed that you can dress in classic bedding. A pretty purple floral pattern, such as this, layered with block color is a modern way to work it.

Divided space

Make the best use of space in your bedroom by zoning the room in two. Use a large wardrobe in the center and position the bed one side and a small desk or dressing table the other. This also works especially well if you live in a studio flat or open-plan property as the wardrobe creates much-needed privacy.

Wall murals

Create a dramatic show-stopping feature with an oversized wall mural. If you're artistic, you could paint a large mural with flowers and wildlife by hand, but if not, simply hang one that has been sized to fit.

Color pop

Make your bedroom a fun space by introducing lots of block color. Go for a bold blue on the wall and dress the bed with lots of bright cushions, all in different colors. A small shelf, painted the same shade as the wall, acts as a useful bedside table and looks especially great with a jazzy pink lamp. A zingy lemon stool finishes the scheme.

Cool concrete

If you can do it, then a real cement wall will really make this scheme work. But, if that feels a stretch too far, then go for a cement-look wallpaper, instead. Dress the room with accessories in shades of gray, as well as white and black. Hang light curtains at the windows and layer up the bedding.

Hot pink

What a playful spin on sophistication this look is. Ultra contemporary bedside tables with chrome finishes and hotel-style lamps offset against a warm neutral wall creates the perfect backdrop for the hot pink upholstered bed. It's bright and it's bold, and the bigger you can get the headboard the better. What fun!

Art Deco drama

Warm yellow gold is the star in this look – it beautifully frames the moody rich blue bedding and almost-black walls. Mirrored bedside tables and chest of drawers brings in a touch of opulence and glamor, creating a sense of luxury and wealth. The perfect finishing touch? Plenty of Art Deco pattern and accessories, of course!

Painted feature

Who said you have to paint the entire wall the same color? No one! Throw the rulebook away and have some fun with wall emulsion. Here, four colors have been used with each area a different shade. Plus, a feature area has been created by painting a (not perfect) circle in the center, framing a set of lightweight shelves.

Boudoir chic

Give a hotel-like scheme a modern twist by using an orange, pink and white color palette that screams exuberance. Stylish, sophisticated and extremely comfortable, this look is perfect for the master bedroom. Yellow gold accents in the modern bedside lighting, ceiling pendant and wall-hung mirror tie the look together.

Cosmic skies

Space and stars is not just for children. Give your master bedroom a makeover and bring in touches of the galaxy with a stylish scheme like this. Dark, moody colors combined with a moon-like wallpaper sets the backdrop that you can dress with starry details and framed cosmic prints.

Leather luxury

If you have a small room but want to make an impact, choose a bed with a large, oversized headboard. It is a statement in itself and works well even in the most average-sized room. A textured leather style in classic brown looks wonderful against a gray wall and dressed in crisp white bedding. It doesn't need to be all-out masculine either, add a few floral touches for a feminine feel.

Shed chic

Create a tranquil feeling with a totally white bedroom that has plank-clad walls. It's the perfect in chic-cabin style. Affixing lengths of wood to the walls is easy but if you don't want to go all out then use wallpaper instead. A stylish window-design mirror adds a whimsical finish. Can't decide on a pattern? Find your perfect roll amongst our 55 favorite wallpaper ideas.

Modern sorbet

Pink and gray is such a striking combination and looks even better when layered with a rich purple hue. The focal point here is the sleigh bed so choose a modern gray, upholstered design and dress in bubble gum pink plain bedding. Touches of aquamarine and rose red elevates the look further. Choose a lightweight side table so not to overpower the bed.

Wonder window

If you live in a lofty New York-style home then you'll already benefit from large crittall-like windows. Let them take center stage by leaving them bare without any dressing whatsoever – they're the main attraction here. Position your bed slightly forward and complement in a grid-like bedspread. Don't forget an eye mask to help you sleep!

Brick works

Go for a totally rustic look with bare brick walls and exposed beams and woodwork. This style is akin to a barn in the south of France and perhaps not so common here, but can be replicated nonetheless. Brick wallpaper is a great starting point, bare floorboards and imitation beams are easy to fix into place. For finishing touches, add dried foliage, a ladder shelf and knitted throws.

Wooden tiles

Bring a touch of the outdoors inside with a wall covered in bark tiles. Easy to pop into position, they add a textured tactile finish to the bedroom space and look especially wonderful when the room is decorated with modern furnishings. A contemporary bed, industrial-style bedside tables and bright colors makes this a statement look.

Make it monochrome

The beauty of black and white is that it allows you to play with different patterns without the room feeling busy. White walls and bedding will keep the scheme light and airy and enable darker shapes to stand out in sharp relief.

Burnished gold

Burnt yellows are becoming an increasingly popular choice for interiors. Their muted tone makes them more suited to a restful bedroom scheme than sunshine yellow, and they pair beautifully with burnished metals for a luxurious look.

Cozy neutrals

Neutral tones bring a sense of calm and peace that’s perfect for a bedroom scheme. Layer up different shades and textures – from woollen fabrics to natural wood – to keep the room feeling cozy rather than flat.

Modern rustic

Up your design credentials in an instant by combining key pieces from different styles and eras. Here, a contemporary side table sits in elegant contrast to a rustic bench, while the fabrics on the bed include a blend of modern prints and relaxed linens. Go for 70% in one style and 30% in the other to ensure the look feels harmonious.

Coastal comfort

Coastal style doesn’t have to incorporate nautical accessories. A more subtle nod to a seaside setting can be achieved with lime-washed floorboards, jute accessories and a wood-paneled ceiling. Take your cue for the color palette from the soft, neutral tones of a pebble beach.

Lighten the tone

Ombré paint effects are an elegant way to work bright hues into a bedroom without overpowering the space. The easiest way to get an even look is to dilute a darker color into a variety of lighter shades using white paint. Separate your wall into a minimum of three horizontal sections, roll on the paint starting with the darkest shade at the bottom then blend the boundaries using a paint brush while the paint is still wet.

Another level

If you’re short on sleeping space and have the ceiling height, you can create two bedrooms in one by introducing a mezzanine-level bed. This is a great trick to use in a guest bedroom or shared children’s bedroom.

Quietly complementary

A neutral bedroom can be livened up by adding hints of accent color. Pairing up complementary colors works well, such as the orange and blue shown here. Make sure the accents are spread throughout the room to maintain a sense of balance.

Fabulous four-poster

Is there anything more opulent than a four-poster bed? Keep the rest of the scheme simple and let the bed be the star of the show. An open bed design, such as the one shown here, is a great way to work a four poster into a classic but not overly-traditional scheme. If it’s grandeur you’re after, go all out with a Victorian-style four-poster, complete with awnings and curtains.

Modern four-poster

Four-poster beds don’t have to be traditional. A pared-back contemporary design will still add that special something to your bedroom scheme. Drape a light voile across the top of the frame for an update on traditional bed curtains.

Beam me up

If you’re building a bedroom in an eaves space, it’s worth checking whether you can open the room up right to the top of the roof, exposing any original beams that might be hiding there. This will make an otherwise tight space feel tall and airy, while showing off the architectural beauty of your home.

Backlit bedroom

Soft lighting is a must in the bedroom. Here, built-in storage has been transformed into a stunning headboard display using warm, low-level lighting placed on recessed shelves. LED candles give the flickering glow of candlelight without the fire hazard.

Bold and beautiful

The bedroom can be an energizing space as well as a relaxing one, especially if the room doubles up as a place to work or study. When introducing a bright hue into a bedroom, stick to one or two colors max to prevent the scheme from becoming overstimulating.

Graphic display

This simple but striking wall pattern has been created using nothing but paint – an affordable way to make a statement in your bedroom. If that sounds a bit too labor intensive, you could get a similar look using wallpaper, such as Mini Moderns’ Homework design, $85 (£65) per 10m roll.

Salvaged style

You don’t need to splash out on expensive materials to create a statement headboard. This eye-catching example is made from reclaimed wooden floorboards and adds a cabin-like feel to this cozy bedroom.

Art attack

Your bedroom is the most personal room in your home, so why not use it to express your own personal sense of style? A piece of statement art on your bedroom wall will be a treat just for you to enjoy, away from the inquisitive eyes of guests and other household members.

Rainbow pastels

Pastels offer the perfect palette for color lovers, allowing you to mix and match different hues without being too bold for the bedroom. Stick to low-intensity sorbet shades and you’ll find it hard to go wrong.

Gallery wall

It’s hard to go wrong with a gallery wall, which can look particularly chic when used on the headboard wall in a bedroom. Keep the look smart by aligning the outer edges of the frames and restricting your color palette to two or three key hues.

Into the blue

Blue is the ultimate bedroom color. Cool and calming, it sets your mind at ease and calms your heart rate, preparing you for a good night’s sleep. Layer up different shades of blue, from mid-tones to light, to create a serene sanctuary.

Nautical by night

Nautical style allows you to have a bit of fun with your bedroom scheme, while still retaining a smart, grown-up feel. Navy blue and white are an easy combination to work with and you can bring the look up-to-date with a mix-and-match approach to pattern.

Subdued statement wall

If you like the idea of pattern in your bedroom but prefer to stick to soothing tones, go for a statement wallpaper in neutral colors. Keep things calm by restricting pattern in the rest of the scheme and introducing only low-intensity hues, such as the soft grays shown here.

White on white

There’s something irresistibly exclusive about an all-white bedroom. This is a space just for you, where children, pets and anything else that threatens to disrupt the harmony are forbidden. Luxe fabrics and finishes will lend an air of opulence and add depth to the scheme.

Urban texture

Embrace the raw texture of warehouse-space walls by leaving them bare. Their stark beauty contrasts strikingly with warm metals and eye-popping accent colors. If you don’t have brick or concrete walls, you can get the look with textured wallpaper or by painting surfaces with a thin layer of micro concrete.

Absolute vintage

Vintage furniture and accessories give a room instant character, especially if you mix and match items that you would't necessarily expect to see together. An iron-framed bed is a versatile choice that will look equally at home in a country or urban scheme.

Paint it black

Black interiors are having a bit of a moment and the bedroom might be the perfect place to try out the trend. A black backdrop creates a cocooning effect that’s just right for a space designed for sleeping. Make sure you incorporate enough light tones in the furniture and soft furnishings to prevent the room from feeling gloomy or oppressive.

A pair of pendants

If you’re short on space, try hanging decorative pendants as bedside lights. This not only adds a designerly touch to your bedroom scheme, but will save valuable bedside table space, too.

Blend blues and grays

Sleep in a serene space that's calming and elegant with a palette of chalky blues and soft grays. Add in pattern and texture with cushions and throws and keep wood natural to add warm notes to the look.

Bright idea

Light art is another great choice for a bedroom. It will make a quirky, contemporary addition to your scheme as well as providing extra mood lighting when the overhead lights are switched off.

The perfect Shelfie

Propping makes for an unusual alternative to hanging art. Here, a simple white shelf adorned with prints creates a beautiful focal point in an otherwise spartan bedroom, adding deeper color to a chalky scheme. Still hungry for more? Why not choose a new color combination for your bedroom?

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