Celebrating Christmas with Colourful Home Decor

Reflecting the spirit of Christmas, the home decor of a house could be done by using the Christmas colours of white, red, blue and gold. In many other creative ways as well could a home be decorated to welcome this winter festival.


It's the festival time with Christmas fast approaching. This winter festival is less than a month away, leaving just enough time to decorate one's home tastefully. One of the best ideas is to paint the walls with Christmas colours. The colours of white, red, green and blue best represent this winter festival. A combination of these colours will make the home look magical. To begin with, painting all the walls, leaving a few, with white, sets the stage for further creatively painting them. The walls that are left could be painted either in red, blue or green. A smaller niche on any of the walls, especially the ones in living room or dining area where guests assemble, could be beautifully painted in gold.


Once the walls are painted, curtains and cushion covers demand one's attention. With the walls painted in combination colours of white, blue, red or green and splashed with gold here and there, one could select the colour shades of curtains and cushion covers that will complement the paint colours of the walls. If one of the walls in a room is painted red and the rest in white then the curtain and cushion covers could be in shades of pink or red. If the highlighter wall is painted either in blue or green, then the curtains and cushion covers could be of varied shades of blue or green. In case a niche on one of the walls is designed in gold, then just one cushion cover could be in golden colour.


Another option is to go for cushion covers and curtains with floral designs. Floral designs lend an elegant touch to the home decor. Curtains and other upholstery that have floral designs invariably set a beautiful tone to the Christmas ambience of the house.


The use of floral design could be further extended to certain specific walls of the house. A part of the wall near the dining area could be plastered with floral design wall paper. However, care must be taken that the colour and design of the wall paper goes well with the other furniture and wall colours in the room. The table cloth spread on the dining table where all the festival savouries are served, could either be of floral design or a pastel shade, depending on the extent to which floral designs have been used while doing up the home decor.


While a beautifully decorated Christmas tree is a must, Christmas festoons placed at various spots in the house will complete the home decor for the festive ambience. Along the stairway railings, at the entrance door, around the mirror which is hung on the wall near the wash basin, Christmas festoons can be placed just anywhere. These sprigs, decorated with swags of satin, bows, ribbons and other decorative accessories are indispensable decor elements for Christmas. While one of the family members or a friend could play the Santa Claus, a spot must be reserved for the snowman. The snowman could be placed either near the Christmas tree or elsewhere. When placed away from the Christmas tree, the snowman must invariably be adorned with tiny gift boxes, balloons and other shining decorative knick-knacks.


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