Why Festive Season is the Ideal Time to Buy a Home

November 2017


Experts believe that the real estate sector has a lot of unsold inventory in the luxury space but not in the affordable housing space where there is a major supply shortfall.


Hence, the customer has to first segregate both these markets and adopt a suitable approach for each of them that effectively enable them to get the best deal. In the luxury space, it's clearly a buyer's market; hence, the buyer can name his price within the region. A 15-20 percent discount below the listed price is possible in projects where the developer has a high debt.


Rohan Bulchandani, co-founder and president, Real Estate Management Institute (REMI) and The Annet Group explains, "The festival period, starting around Janmashtami (August-September) through the end of the year, is the ideal time to buy a home in Mumbai. It would appear that this period creates an almost perfect convergence of the three key elements required for a property transaction to culminate: demand, supply and money."


Festive Season is the Ideal Time to Buy a Home

Buyer-led demand

For most Indians, the purchase of one's home is perhaps the most significant life-investment, requiring a large capital outlay and as a culture deeply rooted in spirituality, religious sentiment and superstition, there is a significant bias towards making such an important life-purchase decision during the festival season.


Developer-led supply

Developers are acutely aware of the buyer-led demand phenomenon during the festive period. Sluggish sales of completed homes over the prior months, have led to a glut in the finished goods inventory, which developers are now keen to offload. As many developers are faced with this situation, the competitive environment drives them to differentiate themselves by offering innovative deals in order to attract customers.


Bank and Housing Finance Corporations (HFCs)-led money supply

To further facilitate property transactions during the festival season, banks HFCs also play their role, in capitalising on the opportunity to increase business for them. In addition to interest rates and EMI reductions, institutions often sweeten their offerings by eliminating the processing fees, waiving customary pre-payment penalties and by including free property and accident insurance.


Things to keep in mind for value picking

"Pick projects where the developer has a good track record of quality, on-time delivery, amenities being delivered across other projects, etc. For the affordable housing space, always go with a branded developer with a high reputation; pick a project which is an integrated township near a railway station. Look for a place where people are already residing or the pos session is only a few months away. This way, the customer can be sure of the amenities being de livered and also that utilities such as water, electricity, etc, are not a problem," suggests Rohit Poddar, managing director, Poddar Developers.


Buying a property is a one-time decision for many, so while buying a property during the festive season; buyers should focus on the budget and the connectivity of the area as they are the most important factors one should keep in mind for value picking.


Gaurav Shah, director sales and marketing, Ravi Group, feels, "The cost of the property plays an important role, whether the buyer is buying an under construction flat or a resale property. If the cost is not considered, the dream home could end up becoming more of a worry than an escape. Another prime factor is the connectivity. The area should be well-connected to schools, colleges, hospitals, markets, shopping places and bus, train stations. The location is often an afterthought when it comes to purchasing a property because nowadays, buying a property in Mumbai is an expensive affair."


According to experts, the festive season creates a win-win-win situation wherein buyers, developers and financiers, all benefit from the appropriate environment. Historically, property transactions increase by 25-35 percent during the festive season and in certain cases, upto 40 percent of sales take place during this period.


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