How to Sell A Flat, Know the Basics

January 2018


Any plans to sell off your property? If you intend to then make sure that you are aware of the current market trends. This will help you quote the ‘right’ rate of your property and save you from a lifetime of regret from selling it at a lesser rate.

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Aijaj from Kondhwa, Pune asks, “What is the procedure to sell a 1BHK flat in Pune? I have taken a loan from a bank. The property is almost 3-years old.”

Aijaj is one of the many property owners who want to sell their house but are confused of the right procedure to attract potential buyers. Nitesh Himani, Himani properties, Noida says, “There are several ways to present the before potential buyers. One can route it through a reliable real estate broker or online websites. The most important factor is to analyze all the factors associated with the property to get the right value.”

Don’t be in a hurry, know the right value

Don’t be in a hurry to sell off your property. Before you approach a real estate broker or an online platform, you must know the right value of your property. Until and unless you are clear with the ongoing rates and property trends, do not quote a price. Visit ‘Rates & Trends’ on to analyze the property price trend.

It analyzes the price and trends in the real estate market for localities. The advice page of Magicbricks offers various other tools like home loan calculators, legal advice, financial advice, compare localities and projects, among others.

Displaying the property online

Himani continues, “One of the biggest advantages to put property online is that the owner gets exposure at a bigger platform. This way the owner gets responses from a larger target audience.”

‘Pictures speak a thousand words’. Rightfully so in case of properties. Owners while listing their properties online must ensure adding relevant pictures of the house of interiors and exteriors. Buyers want to explore the property before physical verification of the property and location. Display pictures better your chances of getting higher volume of relevant responses.

Magicbricks search page helps potential property buyers to find property as per their requirement. All they have to do is enter the desired location, property type and budget they can afford.

Research well before approaching broker

Nimrit Kaur still remembers how once she was misled by a local real estate agent. Kaur says, “I was eager to sell my 2BHK home as I was in need of money and approached a local broker of my locality. The market price he quoted was misleading. I soon realized that my apartment can do much better. I researched both online and offline to get the right value before selling off the property.”

Routing your property selling through a broker may not be good if you are entirely dependent on him. Make sure you are completely aware of the market trends. Personal interaction with the prospective buyers also help in getting the correct value. offers a list of all verified real estate agents who can assist you in the process.

When selling a property, do not settle for a lesser amount. The value of a property depends upon varied factors such as its location, surrounding infrastructure, water, power, security, etc. etc. Buyer will look at the conveniences available. Be prepared with all the necessary information, pictures and data before arming to sell. All the Best!!

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