What to Buy: Furnished, Semi or Unfurnished Flat?

January 2018


Planning to buy a house? Will it be a furnished, semi-furnished or an unfurnished house? If you are confused, then find out what the terms mean and the cost of such houses.

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Most of you know that property values are determined by several factors such as location, amenities, builder brand, construction quality and facilities available. There’s another determinant to the capital value of the house – whether it has any furnishing or not.

What would you choose when buying a house? Will the presence of wooden cabinets and panels in the kitchen, wooden basics such as cupboards in bedrooms, bathroom fittings, etc. influence your choice? Or would you like to invest in a barren property and ‘build’ your own house?

However, before we venture into the costings, let’s indulge in the specifics.

Naturally, a furnished apartment (with varied specifications) would have variations in the payable amount.

What are furnished flats? If you are considering purchasing a fully furnished apartment then you will get fully fitted cabinets, water heater in bathrooms, air conditioners, polished doors, chimneys, lights, along with many others almost everything. Property values increase as per the presence of the number of amenities.
Advantage Buying a fully furnished apartment allows you to enjoy the benefits of the equipment without having to worry about the entire buying and transporting process.

What are semi-furnished flats? There is no rule of getting a particular set of facilities. In a semi-furnished unit the available amenities vary. In most cases, any kind of expensive appliances such as air conditioners are not included but basic woodwork is in place. These units have minimum furnishing!
Advantage Mostly preferred, these units have certain specifications in place as you will not have to indulge in expenses immediately after you shift to the new house. You can procure them steadily as per your financial status.

What are un-furnished flats? Unfurnished units are empty housing units which need all internal specifications such as home appliances, electrical fittings, sanitary fixtures, drawers, furniture, fans, cabinets, lights, among others.
Advantage You get to exercise your choice while choosing wooden panels, light shades, bathroom décor and make a customized home as per your whims and fancy.

The price bracket varies for different types of property in different cities. Take a look at the property prices of 2BHK units across the country.

Whatever may be your choice, you can search property easily on the listing page of All you have to do is search for a particular locality followed by the housing type and the budget. You can also select the furnishing type you are looking for to get the best results.

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