Turn Your Home Into Haveli With These Vintage Ideas

February 2018


When the point finally comes where you are ready to invest in your own flat, there are many considerations that are likely to confuse you. However, the most confusion that Indian middle-class homebuyers usually face is whether to a smaller or a larger flat. One of the biggest contributors to the confusion is that home purchase is rarely, if ever, done without consulting others.


Who doesn’t wish to have a gorgeous swing that can enhance the look of your living room substantially? It adds an amazing earthy feel to the ambience and also a fun element to the décor. Stack up some colourful pillows on the swing to balance the earthy vibe.

Brass / Copper Vignettes

Brass or Copper vignettes go perfectly with everything as they have a rustic and antique-y vibe. From using them as your flower vase to showpieces, these items are available in large varieties of idols, pots, trays, flower shaped bowls or even candle stands.

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Center Table

Center Tables are the essence of the living room, so it is important to highlight it with an extra charm. But it doesn’t have to be a ‘table’ always! You can revamp an old wine storage or a wooden trunk by adding low height legs to it and create your own vintage centre table.

Rugs – Carpets

Indulge in the gorgeous looking Persian rugs and carpets for your living room to brighten up instantly! With a variety of motifs from natural flowers, interlocking patterns, geometrics, and delicate animals can be seen in almost all Persian carpets. Splashing colour all over the room, these are worth investing in as they give a perfect vintage yet urban look.


Having a mirror in your living room not only gives you a chance to take a quick glance at yourself as you step out but also adds a lot of detailed decoration by adding an illusion of depth, sophistication, and function to your home. Mirrors are the best thing you can humour for your living room. And while keeping that in mind, adding a mirror with a vintage wooden framework is nothing but a plus point!

Chandelier / Wall Lamps

What’s a royal living room without some fancy lightings? Adding the most amazing element – Chandelier to a room that ensures to make it look every bit of vintage! It royal, intricate and lights up the room within seconds. You can also put up small wall lamps if you aren’t a chandelier lover. Adding cute little bulbs for the dim lighting setup in these lamps is a perfect way to enhance your living room.

Footstools / Ottoman

Ottomans are just another element to add to your living space that can add colour, and ease to the décor. Not only can they be used to rest your leg while you read your newspaper, but it can be utilized as small ottoman stools for extra seating around the living room. With the embroidered or colourful patchwork done on the seats, they are a perfect addition to the earthy vibe of your living room.


The essential part of your living room can play in the easiest way to make it look straight out of the yesteryears! The furniture can be the highlight, in-case you want to keep it simple and don’t want to add any of the above elements. Wooden with intricately carved designs, the upholstery should be rich and opulent as well with prints ranging from paisleys to floral brocades can very well be the perfect piece of furniture to add to your space. You can also add a relaxing yet the clichéd vintage rocking chair for you to relax with a book. Some other options that you can pick are recliners or single couches that can add an illusion of a bigger room.

These were some easy ways to add some vintage vibe to enhance your living room and give it a Haweli look. Have any better ideas? Do share in the comments section below.

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