A Complete Vastu Guide For Your Workplace Or Office

December 2021

Many people want to ensure that their bureaus obey the instructions of Vastu Shastra to carry wealth and luck. It is presumed that Vastu will play a role in everything you do in your office from managing cash flows to business success. Indeed, if practised properly, Vastu can also provide the workplace with financial stability and holistic well being. To support you, we will discuss some primary guidelines from a Vastu consultant in India, that you really can implement in your office.

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Seating Arrangement:

Department-wise - Business people should be faced north, northeast, or east because these directions promote new developments and progress. Those who sell or trade must look to the north-east to guarantee proactivity. You may also stay in the direction north-west. Officials from the Account department should be situated in the South Eastern tip and facing northeast.

Managers and Owners - Leading individuals should get a seat to the west and to the north-east. The owners of the company must sit in the direction east or north. A concrete wall behind the chair must be there, and no decorative divider or curtains should be there. The workplace should be situated south-west, south and West corners of supervisors, administrators and managers. This helps workers to decide effectively.

Employees - Employees have to face north and east when in the field, as efficiency growth Workers should not sit underneath a beam directly. This could be replaced with a wooden board when it is inevitable.

Office Entrance:

The office's gateway should also be north, north-east or north-west. These recommendations are deemed favourable and have a positive impact. The direction of the Lord of riches is also identified in the northern direction. It will also help you speed up financial profits.

Office Decor and Interiors:

The North is governed by the god of riches, in accordance with Vastu guidelines, whereas the North-East is representative of financial health for an individual. In order to guarantee good financial health, you should hold a mirror or Kuber Yantra mostly in north or even on the Northern Side of the workplace.

Stop piling finished products northeast, in particular at the office desk. These products can be positioned north-west to guarantee that the unsold stock is comfortably cleared. To retain financial documentation, place your safe in a south-western corner of the office. To guarantee growth, the safe must also face the north-east direction.

Reception at Workplace:

Any offices must be provided mostly in direction of the north-east or even the east. The front desk must be north or east oriented. On the south side of the reception room, the emblem or company identity should appear. Vastu also suggests that the tables at the front entrance of the office must be put in diagonal. The reception area should keep French lavender flowers or green jade flower petals. A four-leaf clover plant could also be placed at the door.


Poor or harmful energy is known to have a bathroom. Thus, the location of the washroom is very significant. The lavatory would be with the west or northwest. Restrooms shouldn't be in the east, north-east or south-east locations.

Elevators or Lifts:

The elevators inside an office must be mounted in the north or east region as per specialists from Vastu, and at all times the northeast and south-west areas must be prevented. Do not add lifts just before the main entrance, as the positivity is being poured out from the room. Remove mirrors on the left because it is not necessary according to Vastu Shastra.

Final Words:

If it is necessary for your workplace to add some trees and flowers, consider maintaining bamboo plants, jade plants or snake plants on your work station. Also, you can hold the palm plants of Areca, the money plant, as well as the dracaena plant.

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