15 easy vastu tips for your home

September 2021


When it comes to our new home, we do everything to make sure it is absolutely perfect. A part of that process involves making sure our house is Vastu Shastra compliant.

Even if you didn’t take Vastu into account when you were shifting into a new home, but it’s never too late. After all, it is not feasible to rebuild your home to correct all the “Vastu Dosh”, and for that reason, we have put together these 15 easy Vastu tips for you .

15 easy vastu tips for your home
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1. Master bedroom

Master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the entire house as it belongs to the head of the family. The headboard of the bed should always be placed on the eastern or southwestern side. This would help give the family a long and healthy life.

2. Living room

Another area that most of us make mistakes with is our living room. The sofas in the room should be places in the south and west corners. You can use the entire “L” shaped corner to place as many sofas as you can fit.

3. Cooking position

Cooking is a daily chore for most of us, but did you know that there is a particular side that you should be facing while doing it every day. Eastern side is considered the most auspicious in Vastu Shastra and facing it while cooking can help turn your household energy into positive.

4. Painting and sculptures

One of the easiest Vastu tips that we can give you is to add some paintings or sculptures in your homes. These decoration items should showcase lively things like sunrise, flowers or even animals. This will introduce positive vibes into your homes.

5. Curtains

Curtains are something that all of us have at our homes. But the thing that most of us don’t know is that we are supposed to use only light color fabrics for our curtains. Pastel colors like baby pink, blue or yellow can help make us feel calmer.

6. Mirrors

Another easy tip to introduce positive energy or vibes in our home is by adding mirrors wherever we can. This helps reflect pure energy into every corner of the house making us feel even more comfortable.

7. Potted plants

Adding potted plants in our house is also a good way to correct some of the Vastu dosh. This gives you a great landscape and also helps cover up some of the negative impacts that the already present Vastu problems are causing.

8. Lighting

It is said in Vastu Shastra that having dim lights throughout the house can affect the vibe of the place. To have a more energetic feel in your house, lighting up every room properly is essential.

9. Jewel cabinets

Jewelry or valuables are considered a gift of goddess Lakshmi in Hindu culture. For this reason placing the cabinet or cupboard holding your valuables in the right position is a must. Such lockers should always be on the southwest side avoiding the corners.

10. Dining area

The dining area is one such room that affects the entire family as it is a place where everyone eats together. The correct place to set up your dining table is the northwest side of the room or kitchen.

11. Study table

Families that have kids or are working from home always have a study table. The best place to keep your table is either the east or the north side. This will help your kids built their concentration.

12. Aquariums

Another trick to overcome some of the Vastu problems that your house might have is by adding an aquarium. Live aquatic animals cut down the negative energy that your house might be reflecting.

13. Electric appliances

Electrical appliances that give out energies of their own should always be kept in the right direction. For heating appliances like gas or ovens, they should be places in the southeast direction. While for cooling appliances like AC or fridge they should always be on the northwest side.

14. Wall color

The wall color of your room has a great effect on your mood and for this very reason having lighter color walls is recommended. Colors like dark red, black or brown should be avoided.

15. Pooja room

Every Indian home always has a separate pooja room, which is considered a sacred place. The flooring of the room should always be of marble as the stone is considered auspicious for temples.

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