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January 2022

A positive home is the biggest stepping stone on the way towards a positive lifestyle! And positive energy home decor makes your home a place where you can exist peacefully and enjoy the safe feeling of belonging. How to make this possible?

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Home is a place where our energy is influenced the most, with the pandemic forcing us to stay at home for longer than we usually did, it is important for us to stay in harmony with the energies that are in flow at our home.

It is in fact, very easy to have a positive energy home decor ,only you must always remember to pick the things that match your vibe. Here are some suggestions that will transform your abode not only into a centre of positivity and joy, also makes it aesthetically appealing:

1. Charming Chimes

Wind chimes attract positivity into your home every time they chime. These beautiful objects hold significant importance in Feng Shui as well as Vastu.

According to Feng Shui it is essential to hang them in the right places to make better use of these lucky charms. Also, factors like the material of the wind chimes and the number of rods are advised to consider. Six or eight rods are commonly used to attract positivity, also five rods can be used to ward off negativity.

2. Light up Positivity

Candle is the Superstar of the positive energy room decor items. Placing candles on your night stand, on the coffee table and even the dining table brings an immense amount of positivity into your home.

They have a great ornamental value. Various types of scented candles are available in a wide range of colours. Lighting candles help you set the mood just right and scented candles can lift your spirit up. Aromas like Lavender, Lime Grass, Vanilla, Jasmine, and Cinnamon can be instantly stimulating.

Also, candles can be placed in beautiful tea light holders and change the vibe of the place entirely. Beautifully patterned tea light candle holders can alter the look of the room and bring in positivity.

3. Burn Off Negativity

Burning incense at homes is an age old practise and has now made its way back into positive energy home decor. Burning them helps clear off the negative energy and make way for positive energy. Incense is believed to have healing power and they calm your nerves.

Incense are available in cones and sticks. Incense can be placed in creative incense holders that distribute the smoke fascinatingly, holders are available for both the types.

Traditional incense are made of natural gums, wood and herbs. They have an elegant sense about them, they are usually available in flavours like Sandalwood, Marigold, and Jasmine. More modern variety of incense are available in flavours like Rose, Lavender, Patchouli, and Lemon Grass.

4. The Enlightened

Place a Buddha statue in your home to bring peace and positivity. You can place them in a yoga or meditation area which will help you to achieve better calmness that is required during practice, you can place them in your entryway, or bed side table.

There are different types of Buddha statues, each of them represents something different and something significant. You can place a teaching Buddha statue that represents the Buddha after Enlightenment, it symbolises destiny and wisdom. Reclining Buddha represents change, and the most common Laughing Buddha is believed to bring wealth, prosperity and good luck. Recently Buddha Head statues are trending in positive energy home decor but more than a fad it symbolises confidence and compassion.

Also, place the statue on a table or a stand, or anywhere the surface is higher than the most things. You can keep the statue at your eye level or where you can see them easily to get the most positive vibes.

5. Don't Let Bad Dreams Through

In some Native American cultures Dream catchers are used to protect sleeping people from bad dreams, it is believed that the web in the hoop catches the bad dreams and lets only good dreams through it.

A peaceful sleep is necessary for a positive life. You can tie the dream catcher above your bed or you can use it as a positive energy home decor in other ways, like hanging it behind a door, so every time you open and close it a whiff of positivity moves around. You can even hang it on the wall that you wake up to.

In addition, Dream Catchers are stunning to look at, they bring a sense of serenity each time you pass by them. They are available in multiple sizes, shapes, and colours. You can find wonderfully handmade dream catchers on multiple online portals including Esty, or you can make one yourself!

6. The Third Eye

Peacock Feathers symbolises many things like Pride, Grandeur and Beauty but one important thing it stands for Spiritually is the Third Eye. The bird holds a significant mythical and spiritual value across many cultures, in India too peacocks are of historical and cultural importance.

Peacock feathers is a positive energy home decor which can be used in various ways, you can place one or many feathers in a glass bottle or a mason jar for a simple yet chic look, or you can tie them in dream catchers, or use them as wall decor.

Peacock feather is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful decor ideas that wards off negativity and brings positivity. It can be placed anywhere that looks appealing and works just fine.

7. Make some room for mushroom

Mushroom decorative pieces, this must sound like an unusual idea, but it is used in different parts of the world as good luck charm. Mushrooms bring positivity, luck and a joyful vibe to your house.

Mushroom ornaments are available widely in online and offline stores, from key chains, to artistically made show pieces. You can place them in aquariums, planters and in your garden to make a cheerful fairy garden.

Also, mushrooms can be used to spread positivity in other forms, by hanging a painting of mushrooms, hanging tapestry or placing bed side lamps for a strong positive energy exude.

8. Let it Shine

The best way to let positivity shine in to your homes is by using crystals. They bring in to your life positivity, good luck, joy, love and all that glitters! They help in cleansing aura, manifesting desires and a holistic healing. They do not just belong in jewellery they belong in positive energy home decor too.

Particular crystal will vibe with individual persons, hence it is crucial to pick the one that is just right for you. Some of the crystals you can choose from are Alexendrite, Amethyst, Jade, Malachite, Pyrite, Rose Quartz, Turquoise, and Yellow Sapphire.

There are various kinds of artistic pieces made of crystals available on both online and offline Stores. Alternatively, you can place them in an elegant wooden box on the bedside table which will make a chic and positive energy room decor.

9. Plant Some Positivity

Plants are a living, breathing shelter of positivity. They have scientifically proven health benefits. They radiate positivity onto their surroundings, also they are good for the occupants mind, body and soul.

Keeping plants at home accentuates the decor, it is therapeutic to take care of them, and every time a new leaf springs it will bring a huge smile to your face!

Plants like Lily, Lavender, Lotus, Money PLant, Lucky Bamboo, Boston Ferns, Rubber Plant, Syngoniums, Chinese Money Plant and some succulents bring not only brings positivity but also remove pollution. Choosing the best indoor plants can be a little tricky so here is a comprehensive guide to help you choose the right indoor plant.

Apart from these things you can keep fresh flowers in beautiful vases, fishes in bowls or aquariums, elephant ornaments or paintings, tortoise trinkets, and Blue coloured souvenirs from places you have travelled to.

Also, always keep your place neat and tidy, declutter often, and giveaway or shelf the things that no longer have any use, brings joy or add any value as clutter disrupts the flow of positive energy.

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