What Makes Thane A Real Estate Destination Of Choice?

June 2022

It's a simple equation: entry level price points in Thane real estate still have the potential to grow effectively. In some projects, future growth potential has not already been factored into present-day pricing. That's factor one.

The second is relatively easy exit options, as also simple renting and leasing opportunities. Thane's real estate is driven by end-users. So, an investor wanting to divest or exit finds it relatively easier as compared to other property hubs.

Based on the investor's risk appetite and quantum of investible surplus, Thane's real estate has a wide range of offerings which span across locations, type and segments of real estate, as also price - points.

The safe and secure aspect of these options is based on real estate developers who are members of CREDAI-MCHI Thane. This effectively provides the safety and security of dealing with members of a self-regulated association, which has a code of conduct, follows ethical practices -and follows all RERA norms.

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