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The housing development Industry has come a long way during the last few decades. Along with the development, the risks for the customers have also seen turbulence basically because of non-verification of the credentials of the people involved. Saptashree Builders and Developers with more than 25 years in the field have many prestigious projects under our belt. We have top-notch designers and architects apart from a dedicated team of specialists to glide you through the serenity of our projects.

The amenities provided in all our projects are highly modern and Luxurious, which is for wholesome enjoyment by children as well as elderly people.

We have earned a reputation amongst elite customers for innovative designs, quality of constructions and timely completion of projects. Through these projects we are trying to give our customers a better place to liveā€¦

  • - Goal Oriented
  • We are result-oriented and we deliver what we promise

  • - Commitment
  • Our word is our bond. All promises are followed by detailed plans and concrete action..

  • - Quality
  • Maintaining quality is an intentional habit and the pride of workmanship.

  • - Collaboration
  • We believe, teamwork makes ordinary people achieve extraordinary things.


To be an organization with high economic and emotional value, where our commitments to all stakeholders remain non-negotiable.


To be an organization with high economic and emotional value, where our commitments to all stakeholders remain non-negotiable.


Sohan Thakur

Mr. Sohansingh Thakur is an achiever by nature. His strong conviction & positive energy helped the company sustain positively in the growing competitive market. The young and enthusiastic leader believes in quality and never compromises it on any level. The positive energy around him pushes everyone to go that extra mile and fulfill our commitments.

Amarsingh Thakur
Company Founder and CEO

ince its inception in 1990, Saptashree Builders & Developers has believed that execution & quality are essential to success in real estate. When combined with uncompromising values, customer-centric attitude, robust engineering, and transparency in business operations; it makes Saptashree Builders & Developers one of the most preferred real estate brands in the residential and commercial segment.

SaptaShree Builders & Developers

  • Address :111, Horizon Tower, 1st Floor, Bhakti Mandir Road, Hari Niwas, Thane (W) 400 602.
  • Phone : +91 - 22 - 2536 92 13
  • Email : anthakur@saptashree.com
  • Website : saptashree.com
  • This page is updated on : April 2022