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Terraform Realty


Established in 1976, Terraform Realty is today one of the leading Real estate developer in Mumbai & Thane.

Previously, Terraform Realty was known as Everest Developers.

With an experience spanning 40 years, we have proved our expertise by developing various state-of-the-art Townships that include Offices, Retail, and large-scale master planned Communities across Thane.

We have completed 34 projects and have ongoing & upcoming projects at Thane, Ghatkopar & Wadala.

Company Profile<

Leaders in Innovative Planning & Customer Focus.

Right from the time of our inception in 1976, we have played a vital role in raising the standard of living of all our customers’. The Company has always focused on making life secure through effective planning.

We have created landmark projects as Everest Developers, but as a part of its strategic positioning Everest Developers is now named as Terraform Realty.

Our residential and commercial complexes represent high utility & customer centric approach, resulting in them becoming landmark project at prime locations across Mumbai and Thane.

Terraform Realty’s qualified team of professionals are supervising every stage of buying cycle, which ensures quality experience in all your endeavors.

Our philosophy is simple: “Enriching life with nature & technology.”

With over 40 years of delivering dream properties, our focus still remains the same: Pursuit of Excellence. Our priority still remains unchanged: Our Customers.


Ours has been a humble beginning in the field of Real Estate. Our goal has been to add value to the lifestyle of all our home buyers. We believe quality cannot be compromised. Despite braving difficult odds and having faced tiring situations, we have completed all our projects on promised time.

It gives me immense pleasure to share our success story. Our journey started with Multi-storied building and shifted to building huge townships. All our success is accredited to our strong, united team and the committed work of investors, stakeholders, staff members, associates, partners and family members.

There is no substitute for the invaluable joy one derives from sharing individual success with the society within which we have grown up.

I believe the future holds a plethora of opportunities for all our stakeholders. We can do wonders if we are unyielding in what we desire and decide to achieve. We are confident and hopeful that you will experience a warm, long-lasting and truly symbiotic relationship with us.

Founder's Vision

'To become something more' is the clarion call that fuels the future we envision in the world of real estate.

By exploring and leveraging India's young and emerging talent, we aim to create a value-based business environment, one that revitalizes India's infrastructural landscape.

Our unswerving commitment to quality drives us towards integrating future potential with our work and philosophy, towards raising the benchmark of lifestyles with innovation and commitment to our promise of quality work.

"A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more." - Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Our Philosophy

We remain rooted to our company philosophy that reflects in all aspects of our work. Value-driven entrepreneurship welded with social welfare remains a core motive in our corporate culture as well as life. All of our efforts towards building better living & working spaces for you are upheld by three pillars:


We don't just build homes and offices. We partner your efforts to achieve a quality lifestyle - one of ease, convenience and all-round comfort. The success of this partnership rests on one key ingredient - constant innovation.


Long-lasting relationships are nothing but those that are built on trust. Our commitment to both earning and sustaining your faith in us keeps alive our goals and the Terraform Realty name, one that is synonymous with reliability.


The very foundation of trust. We are able to fulfill your needs and anticipate your requirements thanks to our commitment to meticulous planning and understanding your needs, and with a well-equipped home care division.

These pillars form the very core of the Terraform Realty ethos. It drives our efforts towards securing your satisfaction and ensuring the highest levels of healthy and happy living.

Our Milestones

2009 – 2010 was a memorable milestone in our journey towards excellence. The sluggish market scenario did not succeed in lessening our customers’ faith in us.

At Terraform Realty, your need for convenience and aspirations is paramount. Currently, your dream houses are being realized on nearly one million sq. ft. of property, powered by amenities such as a 20,000 sq. ft. clubhouse raised on a 1, 00,000 sq. ft. podium garden with a 3,20, 000 sq. ft. parking area .

To cater to your lifestyle demands, we have launched an exclusive range of specially priced products. With the successful completion of around 34 projects both in and around Mumbai, our customers’ satisfaction constantly motivates us reach higher and further.

A milestone of more than 34 projects has been successfully completed in and around Mumbai. And these achievements motivate our best for you.

Corporate Statement

“Doing More with Less, Outsourcing for Value Addition and Capitalizing on Strengths” are the Strategic Principles for the way forward of the Organization.

The Management strongly believes that to sustain & grow the Business it is always better to have positive cash flow at all times. In order to achieve this, Sale of Non – Core Assets; Joint Ventures for Synergistic Growth & Self Development of Core Projects are the three alternatives which we will be using from time to time.

Avoiding wastages, improving efficiencies and adhering to Industry Standards are Building Blocks of the Organization.

We the employees of Terraform Realty make personal commitment to remain Cost Conscious without compromising on the Quality & Safety Standards in all aspects of our Work. If we fail at any time, then we will determine what went wrong and assure that it doesn’t happen again.

As a core philosophy The Management believes Employee participation and honest communication, combined with continuously improving all our work processes is the key to SUCCESS.

Terraform Realty

  • Address :Godrej Coliseum, A Wing-1301, 13th Floor, Behind Everad Nagar, Off Eastern Express Highway, Sion (East), Mumbai - 400 022.
  • Phone : +91 (22) 6270 4900
  • Website : www.terraformrealty.com
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