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About Larkins Group


“LARKINS FAMILY” over a period of 38 years has firmly etched its name in the construction industry by creating some great landmarks in Thane. Larkins and its associates over the years have been enormously successful in fulfilling the dream homes for over 6500 families in prime locations & have scaled heights from building lifestyle homes to developing huge projects matching international standards. All its projects are located in the prime locations of the city. Larkins has been amongst the first few to provide its residents with the state-of-the-art amenities like Clubhouse, Swimming Pool, Shopping Arena and International Standard finishing & fitting. Their landmark constructions are accomplishments achieved by incorporating technology, dedication and the passion to make every project a milestone. Its recent high tech development of Pride Presidency portrays a true picture of what the Group intends to provide to its residents. The group has always been open to changes and developments in the industry and has been agile to adapt the same. Consumer convenience and consumer satisfaction remains the core value of the larkins and will continue to do so. Thane’s one & only Big Bazaar is housed in The Lake City Mall – a project by Larkins and associates which stands testimony to the inroads made by the group in the last 38 years in Thane's real estate. The group is recognized as one of the pioneer developers of Thane.


-To enhance the standard of living by developing world-class structures with quality, convenience and comfort.
-To satisfy our esteemed buyers and spread joy by providing them happy spaces embedded with new-found luxuries.


-To be the forefront of excellence, innovation and quality in the industry of real estate by building futuristic homes that can transform the lands into the landmarks of joy.
-To raise the benchmark of excellence by creating premium living spaces across India.
-To ensure a great future of construction through introducing up-to-the-minute technology, world-class elevation, luxury and avant-garde amenities while building cost-effective as well as eco-friendly landmarks.



A man of exemplary vision and enterprise, Late Mr. Jayendra Gangji Gala is the Founder and Chairman of Larkins Group. Under his leadership and guidance, the Group has grown from a small entity in 1979 to Thane’s most respected and preferred real estate conglomerate. It was under Late Mr. Gala’s mentorship that Larkins Group has successfully developed more than 5 million sq. ft. in Thane’s prestigious locations. The organization is closely guided by his core philosophy of earning and retaining the customer’s trust and goodwill. Late Mr. Gala’s commitment to ethics and a propagating a work culture conducive to growth, inspired the team to excel in every department. Having consolidated the Group’s leadership position in the residential apartment segment late Mr. Gala was a passionate philanthropist and earnestly believed in giving back to society. He has given residential apartments to homeless elderly persons by creating a ‘Vrudhashram’. He has contributed for the society by funding housing to the members of the society, which is popularly known as Larkins Nagar at Dombivali. The G.T. Road (Gala Todkar Road) in Thane is named jointly after Late Mr. Gala and his former business partner, Mr. Todkar.


A true visionary who laid the foundation of Larkins Group, Mr. Pravinchandra Gangji Gala is the elder brother of Mr. Jayendra Gangji Gala. Mr. Gala started his business career as a goods trader and gradually entered into the dynamic field of property development and construction. The Group progressed greatly under his expert and able leadership, and soon became the leading trusted and preferred real estate brand in Thane. A strong believer in ‘karma’, Mr. Gala stays true his business ethic of always keeping the customer’s interest in mind. Going beyond the regular obligations of builders and developers, Mr. Gala firmly believes in the principles of Transparency, Honesty and Integrity. He is the guiding light for the young generation and empowers their decisions with his sharp insight and decades of experience across all elements of the business. With a keen eye on ensuring high employee morale, Mr. Gala is known for his easy accessibility to customers and other stake holders.


A Graduate from Mumbai University, Mr. Kunal Pravinchandra Gala has risen to become Director – Liaison with Larkins Group at a young age. With his dynamism and professional approach, he has infused the Group with a new growth thrust. Mr. Gala joined Larkins Group in 2002 and honed his skills on Landmark Arcade, a commercial project in Thane. He soon shouldered the responsibility of taking the Liaison function to the next level. His keen acumen in successfully building relationships with key stakeholders ensured that all projects of the Group were greenlighted by the respective authorities in record time. Endowed with a passion for seamlessly executing complicated Liaison assignments, Mr. Gala sets the pace for all projects and takes them to the implementation level. In addition to Liaison management, Mr. Gala now also handles the Purchase and Accounts of all projects and successfully executes the important functions entrusted to him by the Group.


When young and passionate individuals join a growing organization, you can be assured of productive transformation for meeting new business challenges. A Bachelor of Management Studies from Mumbai University, Mr. Hemal Jayendra Gala is pursuing a Diploma in Real Estate Management from Thadomal Shahani College, for a detailed understanding of land acquisition, liaising, calculating constructing cost and successfully meeting challenges in all segments of the construction business. He is the youngest senior management team member of Larkins Group.

For getting a first-hand experience of the Group’s business. Mr. Gala began his training by actively interacting with all stakeholders across different sections of the construction sites. In a short period, he understood all the dynamics of the ground level challenges and knew it was time to move forward. Judiciously learning the ropes across all Group divisions, Mr. Gala is now spearheading the Digital endeavour and has ambitious plans of positioning Larkins Group as a digital first organization. Realizing that digital has become the first point of access for property buyers, Mr. Gala is empowering channel partners with interactive and informative mobile applications, which will help them to access real time information about all projects at the touch of a button. He has taken the lead for engaging prospective buyers and stakeholders across digital and social media. He leads an able team of committed professionals who share his grand vision of taking Larkins Group to the next level.


Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Mumbai University and a passion that is unrivalled in the industry, Mr. Nainesh Sheth set his sights upon making a name for himself in the real estate industry. In the year 2009, he joined Larkins Group and soon took upon himself the important functions of Legal and Purchase. Through his meticulous financial planning and execution skills, Mr. Sheth positively impacted the organization and ensured the group smoothly cruised along the growth trajectory. For the last 2 years, he is exclusively handling the key functions of Highland Haven, which is Thane’s first Platinum rating IGBC pre-certified Green Building and boasts of over 100,000 sq. ft. of Garden space. At Highland Haven, his responsibilities include overseeing Sales, Accounts, Legal and Liaison.

Mr. Nainesh Sheth ensured that this prestigious project received sanction from all authorities in the shortest possible time. His rich 7 year experience in the industry have made him confident of achieving 100% growth in 5 years. With his uncanny business acumen and evolved problem solving expertise, Mr. Nainesh Sheth is an asset for Larkins Group.


Truly a catalyst in the changing landscape of Larkins Group, Mr. Kekin Rambhia is a senior member of the Management Team and spearheads the overall Marketing function. With an undying passion for setting high benchmarks and scaling greater heights, Mr. Rambhia plays an important role in guiding the group with market penetration and consolidation strategies. He firmly believes that for an organization to grow continuously, it must focus on customer delight at every engagement. Mr. Rambhia has inculcated a culture of innovation and excellence within Larkins Group. His sharp focus on successfully integrating consumer need and product delivery has enabled the Group to implement industry leading processes and practices.

Mr. Rambhia’s biggest achievement is shifting the focus of Larkins Group from budget homes to luxury apartments. He is a strong believer in giving the customer more than what he or she expects. With a vision of taking Larkins Group to the premium inventory segment, Mr. Rambhia conceptualized and developed Pride Presidency, a residential project which offers perfect design and luxurious ambience. Always passionate about doing things first, Mr. Rambhia developed the first skyscraper in Thane and etched the name of Larkins Group in Thane’s real estate history. Under his leadership and vision, Larkins Group is developing Pride Palms, a prestigious ‘Palm’ theme based premium residential project in Thane and L'Amour, a Gothic-Roman theme based project. Mr. Rambhia keeps himself updated on the latest premium residential projects being developed worldwide, for delivering a truly world class living experience to our customers.

At the prestigious MCHI Expo in 2014, Larkins Group won the “most innovative stall” award. This was due to the farsightedness of Mr. Rambhia, who placed photocopies of all approvals received by the residential projects, along with detailed product literature. This raised the trust factor in the minds of the customers for Larkins Group and lead MCHI to create a special category for this award. Such is the path-breaking innovation that Mr. Rambhia brings to the Group.


A man with considerable skill in customer service, Mr Mehul Mamania is well known for resolving customer issues at first point of contact. In many ways a self made man at Larkins, he has a dynamic hands on approach when conducting business and in the seven years that he has worked with the company, he has been a pillar of self reliance and vigour. Armed with a B.Com degree from Delhi university Mr Mehul Mamania handled the entire Highland Park project site on his own, this was his first project and since then he has proved his mettle.


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