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To create innovative living spaces; be a great place to work and generate wealth for all our stakeholders.


Be a Market Leader in our chosen line of business
Be known for our Business Best Practices
Be admired for our Product and Service offerings


Our values underlie our outlook towards life and business and define our corporate personality. These values are inculcated through our every action and underlie our response to every circumstance.

From building realty to transforming realities

Soham Real Estate is a company that seeks to transform the reality of everyday living by delivering people homes that will make a perceptible difference in their lives. We are present through the entire value chain of realty development and our focus is to build premium luxury towers. We have organized operations in land acquisition, planning, execution, and marketing to development management and are an integrated entity.

Investing in the future

Today, Soham Real Estate is involved in building over 6 projects that will cover an area of over 9 lakh square feet and many more to come for future development. Targeted at different market segments and preferences, home buyers in Thane and Mulund and new markets like MMR will reap the same advantages of the Soham promise.


“In a balanced life, the power to create wealth must be accompanied by the open hearted contribution for societal development.”

Shri Chaitanya Parekh of Soham Group is a person whose life is an embodiment of this ideal.

A successful developer and real estate businessman who has left his mark on the city of Thane and in the construction business; Mr. Parekh is the acknowledged statesman of the construction industry in the city. He was the President of the Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry (Thane unit) as well as a committee member of MCHI CREDAI (Mumbai). His opinion is often sought when it comes to industry interests.

His iconic buildings dot the Thane landscape and have shaped the city’s present status as a desired, affordable, and quality residential and commercial destination that is in close proximity to Mumbai.

While Soham Buildings were a remarkable departure from the cookie clutter structures of their day (since the early 80’s), they are also a testament to his enduring vision of delivering more than square feet. Each Soham building is a sustainable living habitat that combines refined aesthetics with high quality construction and finish, while delivering great value for money and enhancing lifestyle. He has played a pivotal role in the transformation of Thane from a favored industrial destination to emerging as a preferred residential suburb for the middle and upper middle classes of Mumbai and surrounding areas.

Over the years, Shri Chaitanya Parekh and the Soham Group have built up 4.5 million square feet of realty. Projects that he and his group are presently developing amount to a further 1million sq feet of realty. With the expansion of the market, his footprint now spreads from Thane to the new emerging city of Nagpur.

Philanthropic Pursuits

Mr. Chaitanya Parekh’s endeavors in social entrepreneurship and philanthropy are rooted in the teachings of his Gandhian father, Shri Nandlal Parekh and his mentor the late Principal Naagraj Rao, former Principal of Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania High School Thane.

Inspired by the ideals of Principal Rao, during the years 1991-95, Chaitanya Parekh adopted 5 villages in Panchmahal district of Gujarat and was associated with several social upliftment programs of Adivasis in the area. His novel ways of helping Adivasis without cash donations created lasting impact on their lives. He contributed by rebuilding Adivasi homes, and by giving them yarn to weave cloth, which resulted in sustainable revenues for the community.

Over the years he has built several institutions and sustained multiple charitable initiatives in Thane, Mulund and other cities as part of the CSR initiatives. These include

Shri Chaitanya Parekh is a First generation entrepreneur with a multi faceted personality and he is “many things to many people”.

To the realty industry he is a visionary preceptor who has created many new trends in the business while being an industry leader and statesman.
To the city of Thane he is one of the key developers who shaped its image as a preferred housing destination within proximity to Mumbai.
To his employees he is a teacher who leads by example and inspires people to higher levels of performance and achievement.
To his clients and business partners he is a dependable, tried and trusted colleague, who is ethical and professional to the core.
To the society he is a force for change and betterment, and a person who selflessly shares his wealth, knowledge and capabilities for social good.

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