Vastu Shastra Tips For Office, To Bring Prosperity At Work Part-2

December 2021

Vastu tips for placing plants in the office - CREDAI MCHI

Vastu tips for placing plants in the office

To bring positivity and some freshness to your workplace, you can consider adding the following plants at your office. This list has been consolidated keeping in mind the extremely dry conditions due to air-conditioning.

  • * Basil plant

  • * Money plant.

  • * Lucky bamboo plant.

  • * Lotus plant.

  • * Lily plant.

  • * Snake plant.

  • * Cactus.

  • * Lemon balm

  • You can also consider keeping jade plants on your desk. Apart from this, areca palm plants and dracaena plants are good options, as it brings good luck and prosperity.

    Vastu tips for conference/meeting rooms

    According to Vastu, the best direction to have a conference or meeting room, is the north-west. This direction is also suggested for marketing and sales staff, as they require motivation for improving their performance. You can also plan a waiting room in this area.

    Vastu tips for choosing office furniture

    • * For north-facing workstations, things like files, documents and electronic appliances like computers, must be kept on the left side of the table.

    • * East-facing workstations should have the storage space on the right-hand side.

    • * Workstations or desks must never be L-shaped or any other irregular shape as it may create confusion and delays in the delivery of work.

    • * Never eat food at the workstation or desk, as it shows disrespect to work.

    • * Business owners, especially entrepreneurs, must ensure that their desk is rectangular or square-shaped and made with a superior grade of wood. Avoid tables with glass tops or metal tables, as these are not considered lucky for any growing businesses.

    • * For the office, it is better to use steel furniture according to Vastu. If you are using wooden furniture, ensure that the sides and edges are rounded and not sharp. Use light colour polish on the wooden furniture.

    • * According to Vastu, the office chair should be comfortable and spacious, with good arm and lumbar support and should have a high back. According to office Vastu, for promotion, add a red touch to the chair. White chairs or white cushions are beneficial, overall. Vastu says to avoid using iron chairs in the office. Never use an upholstered chair with discoloured or faded fabric, or a broken chair, as it is inauspicious. It is better to repair or change it.

    Vastu Shastra tips for the factory office

    In a factory, the office should be located in the north or east direction. When doing business deals, the owner, MD or CEO, should always face the north or east direction, for securing profits. Ensure that there is no beam over the table.

    Vastu Shastra for south-facing office

    The south-facing office plot should be in a square or rectangular shape. The west and the south can be used for the construction of heavy structures. Ensure that there is open space in the north and the east portion of the office area. The slope of the office floor should always be towards the north-east, east or north direction as this leads to financial gains.The shutter should be maroon or red in colour. If a glass entrance has to be made, design it in the south-east side only.

    The height and the shape of the office building should be even from all four sides. The centre (Brahmasthan) of the office should not have any heavy structure. There should be no water tank in the north-east zone.

    The head of the office should sit in the south or west side of the office, with their face towards the north or the east direction. The ideal shape of the office desk is rectangular. The office should be painted in light colours and one should refrain from using black and brown colours. The doors and the windows should be in the eastern or the northern portion of the office.

    Vastu Shastra tips for home office

    • * Since work from home has become the new normal, here are some Vastu tips to ensure your workspace at home has a balanced environment and promotes productivity:

    • * Set up your desk/home office in the west or south-west direction. Your position during work must be towards the north-east. When setting up a home office, avoid sitting with a wall at the back. Also, never sit in front of a door.

    • * If you have a separate space that can be converted into an office, opt for neutral colours. You can also choose light gold, as it ensures productivity and profits.

    • * The work desk should be rectangular or square in shape. If one is working on a dining table, then, ensure that it does not have a glass top on it. The work chair should be comfortable, spacious and up to the head of the person sitting on it.

    • * The drawers should be in the west or south-west section of the desk.
    • Vastu tips for temple in the office

      The temple or an idol of a lord that one worships, should be placed in the north-east corner of the office. In case this is not possible, then, keep the temple in the east direction.Vastu experts state that the Ganesha idol can be placed at the entrance but the back of the Ganpati idol should face the office’s main entrance. Try and always keep the temple clean and decorate it with fresh flowers and incense.

      Vastu tips for office gym

      If you have a gym at office, follow these Vastu tips to negate any adverse effects:

      • * All heavy gym equipment must be placed in the south-west, the west, the north-west or the south-east corner.

      • * You can keep light equipment in the north. This direction is also suitable for performing exercises on mats, which should be done facing the east direction.

      • * Install mirrors in the north or the east walls and avoid the west, the south or the south-west directions.

      • * Do not keep televisions or any other distracting devices, to ensure the room is peaceful.

      Vastu tips for selecting plots for office

      Shermukhi plots are suitable for constructing an office, factory or any commercial building. These types of plots are broader from the front side and get narrower at the ends. One should select a plot closer to the roads that are highly operational.

      Vastu tips for basement office

      Wrong placement of a basement office can bring negative effects for the business. The office basement should be constructed in the east or north direction of the land. Make sure there is more space on the east and north side. Lofts and mezzanine floors, according to office Vastu, should be towards the south, west or south-west.

      Vastu tips for office parking

      Vehicles must be parked in the specified area, towards the north-west of the office building. The north-east should be free from parking zones.

      Vastu tips for office lawn

      According to Vastu Shastra, planting trees brings positive energy. Small lawns without trees should be developed in the north-east, north and east directions. Design lawns with big trees on the south and west side.

      Vastu for boss’ cabin

      Vastu for boss’ cabin suggests that it should be in the west or south-west zone. The top managers should face the north or east while sitting in the cabin. Also, there should be a wall behind the manager’s chair. No religious pictures should be placed behind the chair. The table should be made of wood. The door of the cabin should be in the north-east corner. The office or cabin shape should be square or rectangular.

      Common Vastu defects and their remedies

      Vastu tips for office boss cabin

      Having the master cabin located in the north-east or south-east, is a major Vastu defect. As a remedy, place a natural crystal rock in the south-west corner of the main cabin. This will enhance the effectiveness of the earth element; water elements should not be used in this cabin.

      Vastu tips for office entrance

      The main entrance of the office should be free from any kind of obstacle and the environment should be bright and emit fragrance. However, there could be a pillar or a tree at the front entrance. You can place a basil plant between the pillar and the main door. This will add some greenery to space and make the entrance look welcoming.

      Vastu tips for office colours

      You should pick very specific colours to paint your office. For a small office, choose colours in a light shade, such as pastel and neutral hues. For large office spaces, you can use some bright colours. There should not be any error in selecting the colours, as otherwise, it can have consequences.

      Vastu for office corner

      For offices that have extended corners in the north-west, south-east, or south-west direction, you can keep aromatic plants in the window in the north-west corner. Apart from this, putting wind chimes with six pipes in the window in the north-west, can also be beneficial. You can also use the extended area as a storeroom.

      Vastu for missing corner

      If the south-west corner is missing, then, a lead metal Helix must be placed on the wall. Placing a lead pyramid will have more positive impact.

      Vastu remedies for the pantry

      If the pantry or the kitchen have the stove and sink very near to each other, place a copper swastika behind the gas/stove and a pyramid made of Shriparni wood, close to the sink. If your office has a pantry or toilet in the centre of the premises, keep Vastu salt in a wooden bowl and replace it every week.

      More Vastu tips for office

      • * You can place a bright painting in the office’s east direction, to weed out negativity from your office premises. This will also boost the productivity of your employees.

      • * If your office has a floor sloping towards south-east or west, you can place a lead metal or copper pyramid on the sloping side. You can also place three triangular coral stones if the slope is towards the south-east.

      • * According to Vastu Shastra, the central part of the office building should be kept empty.

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